Two Creative Outlets are Better than One

My creativity has manifested itself into two forms, the first being photography and the second being DIY projects that decorate my life with style.

Now, when I say DIY projects, I don’t mean crafty projects that a two year old could do.  I’m talking about time consuming, detail oriented, cutting-stitching-folding-tearing-hot gluing-until your fingers bleed, hardcore creativity!

My DIY tendencies emerge form an unwillingness to overpay for something that I can do myself; which my husband reminds me of ever so graciously whenever I have my “shopping eyes” on.  Although I’ve always been crafty, things really got kicked into high gear around the time of my wedding.  My (now) husband and I got suckered into choosing these elaborate, exotic, beautifully colored flowers for the bouquets, boutonnieres, and decor of our wedding.  Well, that is until we saw the price tag.  We had to refuse, but there’s just no lowering your standards after that kind of vision and I just couldn’t settle on “regular” flowers.  Enters the vintage part of the wedding theme and I decided to create beautiful flowers from fabric which would serve as my bouquet, bridal bouquets, and the groom/groomsmen boutonnieres (I’ll blog about them later).  After the sweat and tears, literally, that went into making the beautiful flowers for our wedding, I was hooked and knew something new was starting in my life.

With much encouragement from the people in my life, I’ve started to share my gifts with others and now the next step is to share my gifts with the world.  I’ll be blogging about DIY projects that I do, deliciously creative recipes that I try (mostly baking), and great organization tips for all the new craft supplies you will be obtaining in your life.

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