It’s Me!

Professionally, I’m a photographer.
Lovingly, I’m a wife.
Motherly, I’m a snuggler to two Frenchies.
Inspiringly, I’m a dreamer.
Creating art is my happy place.


I’ve always been creative and crafty: photography, drawing, scrap-booking.

During the planning stages of my wedding I found myself overwhelmed with things that I wanted and a budget that just wouldn’t allow it all. Instead of leaving my vision to fade and letting reality rule, I decided I would make it happen. I picked up a pair of scissors and a glue gun and piece by piece assembled my perfect wedding.

From that moment on I’ve been creating for my home, my family and my friends and now, I want to share my gifts with you.

STAY TUNED:  New posts every Monday and sometimes other days during the week!

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Etsy Shop:  Fishstitch – handmade bridal flowers and hand stitched felt trinkets


What do you think?

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