Santa Blocks

Today I’ve got a great holiday decoration that will add a little character and a lot of Christmas spirit to any room.  It’s super easy and only requires a few inexpensive materials.



– (6) 9×12 felt sheets
(1 white, 2 teal, 2 red, 1 grey)
– templets for letters
– needle and embroidery thread (or sewing machine)
– poly-fill
– scissors


CUT:  Begin by cutting the felt sheets into 4×4.5 squares.  I found, the easiest way is to first cut a sheet of felt into thirds (each measuring 4 inches wide), then simply fold those strips in half and cut.  These will make the walls of your blocks.  This is also a good time to cut out the letters using the templates I have provided or you can choose your own font and print a template.

STITCH:  Before I started stitching, I shuffled the felt squares to mix up the colors.  This way the color blocking would be random.  Once you have the colors in order, take the first two squares, place one on top of the other and stitch one (4.5 inch) sides together.  After you’ve stitched one side together, open the squares back up, take your next square and stitch it together on the opposite side of one of the first squares.  Repeat this process until you have all 4 sides.  Before you stitch the last two sides of the box together, choose a square to add the letter to and stitch it on.  Once the letter is secure, you can close the four walls of the box by stitching the remaining sides of the first square and the last square together.  Use the same technique to add the top and bottom.  You will have some excess felt when you stitch on the top and bottom squares, I believe 1/2 inch.  You can cut if off first (double check the measurement) or cut off the extra after you stitch them on (which is what I did).  Leave one side unstitched at the bottom for the stuffing.


STUFF:  Take a handful of poly-fill and stuff it into the opening you left on the bottom of the block.  Add enough to each block so that the sides plump out slightly.  When the block is stuffed you can stitch up the last two sides to complete your block.


OR MAYBE THIS:  You can spell out any word you’d like; joy, noel, snow, grinch, humbug (I wish I would have thought of that before)!  Get creative!

It’s that super easy!  I hope you enjoy your new holiday decor and as always, send pics my way if you try this DIY out!

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