Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar | Garnet Hill Knock-Off

I did it!!  I finished my recreation of Garnet Hill’s Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar!  I absolutely LOVE IT, but I recommend giving yourself a few afternoons to finish it.


This is the original from Garnet Hill for $78.

With a couple of coupons and some well timed clearance items I was able to pick up two packs of Christmas themed 9×12 felt sheets, felt numbers and ribbon at my local craft store for under $15!!



– (28) 9×12 felt sheets
– peal and stick felt numbers
– 4 yard spool of ribbon
(plus additional for hanging stockings)
– needle and embroidery thread (or a sewing machine)
– stocking templets
– scissors
– tacky glue


CUT AND STITCH:  Print the stocking templets I’ve provided in the Materials Needed.  Use the templets to cut out fronts and backs for your stockings then thread that needle and stitch them together.  You can use a sewing machine which will save you some time, but I like the rustic, home-made feel hand stitching gives.


NUMBERS:  Make sure you have enough numbers to number your stockings 1-25, then simply peel off the backing and stick those numbers right on to the stockings.  I changed up where I placed the numbers on each stocking, but you can keep them all the same if you’d like!  To save a few more bucks, you could cut your own numbers, but that’s a lot of numbers.


RIBBON:  The 4 yard spool of ribbon will be used as the main ribbon that you hand the stockings from.  For me, that’s the reindeer and snow flake printed red and cream colored ribbon.  Take the secondary ribbon (I used plain red ribbon) and cut different lengths.  Sew one end to the inside corner of each stocking, then sew the other end to the main ribbon.  I spaced my stockings about 2 1/2 – 3 inches apart.


PRESENT:  Using some of the scraps for your felt, cut a present shape.  Make it big enough so it stands out, but small enough to fit into all of the stockings (some of the widths vary).  I cut mine free hand, but you can certainly draw yours out onto the felt first.  Stitch around the edges like you did the stockings, stuff it (optional) and garnish it with some of your extra ribbon to make it look like a present!


OR MAYBE THIS:  Another option is to fill each stocking with a small gift, an ornament to add to the tree each day or a note with a “good deed” to preform for each day.

If you try this awesome DIY advent calendar, let me know how it went!  Did you have any trouble or extra suggestions that I left out?

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