Gravestone Book Covers

I love using felt for projects!  It’s cheap, readily available and I can incorporate it into any project.  It’s also great when I want a fabric type feel, but need something with structure and a bit more sturdy.

Which brings me to these Gravestone Book Covers…

I tend to overdose on one theme when I go searching for or I’m making decorations.  Mr. Fish always tells me we need two Christmas trees:  one for Disney ornaments and one for the snowman ones.  For Halloween, it’s witches.

I’m trying to branch out and I remembered several years back wanting to make gravestones for the front yard.  I never did, because, of course, I wanted them to be perfect and realistic and that took too much time and money.  BUT, with that idea in mind, I scaled down, found things I already had in the house and made me some gravestones!



– (2) grey, (1) black and (1) white 9×12 felt sheets
(usually around the kids craft section)
– needle and embroidery thread (or a sewing machine)
– scissors
– tacky glue

Download RIP and Scull Cutout

Download Rest In Pieces Cutout


MEASURE:  The grey felt will be the stone to your gravestones.  Measure and cut 4 pieces that will fit around the books you have chosen to cover or wing it like I did and know that you will be able to find books that will work.  I used 2 full sheets (9×12) for one book and cut about 4 inches off the length of the other 2 (9×12) sheets for the second book.  You can leave the headstones squared at the top or you can round the top like I did for the RIP and skull headstone.

PRINT + CUT:  Download the cutouts that I provided (or make your own), print them, and cut them out (I recommend just cutting around the letters and skull, don’t follow the lines exactly).  Pin the cutout letters to the black felt, the cutout skull to the white felt and THEN cut them out along the lines.

I will warn you, the “rest in pieces” font that I chose isn’t hard per say, but it is tedious, so you might want to choose a more simple font (like what I used for “RIP”) instead.  Another idea is getting precut letters from your craft store of choice!


GLUE:  Arrange the letters, skull and/or other cutouts onto the grey felt so they are all nice, centered and the way you like them.  When you are satisfied with the layout, glue (or stitch) them in place.

STITCH:  Turn the two pieces of felt so the outsides are facing in and stitch around three sites (side, top, side).  Leave the bottom open.  Flip the gravestone right-side-out.



COVER:  Grab a book and slid the gravestone cover over the top.



Place them on your bookshelf, use them in your mantel display or anywhere else you feel needs a little touch of death!

OR MAYBE THIS:  Cut a hole in the back and use this idea to create picture frames instead.  Just think, your family portrait wall could turn into a family graveyard!


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