Free Printables for Teachers

Teachers grow in an abundance on my family tree:  elementary teachers, art teachers, music teachers, special education teachers.

Every school year I know teachers everywhere worry about their budget and what they can or can not afford to offer their students.  Of course, you don’t need all the bells and whistles to get a good educations, but every teacher I have the pleasure of knowing, wants to make the learning experience fun and memorable.  They want to reward their students for learning something new, going the extra mile, and making the right decisions in and our of the classroom.  Unless you’re a teacher, it’s truly difficult to understand just how much a classroom and child’s learning experience is dependent on their teacher’s pocketbook.

More and more teachers are turning to DIY to spruce up their classrooms, create games to make learning fun and have cool and funky prizes for those special occasions.  As exciting as it is for me to say, it’s a true testamite as to how teachers are making every penny stretch.

To all you hard working, devoted teachers, well, it’s your turn to be rewarded for all the care you put into teaching each and every child that walks through your door (and then some)!


Download “Punctuation” Print

Download “Library Rules” PrintLibraryRules

Please, download these prints, use them, share them, and enjoy them.  I love to use my powers for good, so I will continue making fun word art to use in the classroom…stay tuned!


For more of my word art, visit my shop!


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