Moving: Phase One

Fishtitch, along with my husband and I, is no longer located in Seattle.  As of June 1st, we’re Californians again!

Lately, things here have been unpredictable and out of sync and most of that can be contributed to being in the middle of a three part move.


Our apartment lease was up, again, and we decided that if we didn’t do it now, it would never happen.  We’re working a lot on faith, but we have great friends and family supporting us.

I gave my two weeks notice at work, Chis started making arrangements to transfer to a new store and we started looking for a new place to call home.  In the beginning it didn’t look promising and at one point we didn’t know what we were going to do.  As the last day at our apartment was drawing near, Chris got the news he would be opening a new store close to where we call home and some close friends opened their doors to us.


The actual move was practically seamless, which was a great relief considering the obstacles we faced on our way to Seattle.  I made a point to keep a positive attitude throughout the entire process, which proved effective.  Beside an extended loading time and triple the expected time to drive through the passes, which combined delayed us about a full day, we made it safely home with no other problems.

We’ve been welcomed back with open arms and smiling faces.  Our social calendar is quickly filling up, Chris is working hard to open the new branch for his company and we are starting to undertake phase two of the move.

Some fun things we learned and experienced along the way:

Budget truck rental is the way to go!!  Their rates change according to days of the week that the rental is for, time of the year and what day you book the rental.  It’s kind of like booking a flight.  If you reserve your truck in the middle of the week and are able to pick up the truck in the middle of the week, opposed to a weekend day, you can save a bundle!!  Budget also frequently has deals.  We got a 5 day rental for a 16 ft. truck and car carrier with unlimited miles plus insurance for just over $800!  We were able to take advantage of a 50% off special for the rental of the truck, we picked up our truck on a Wednesday which saved us approximately an additional $400 and we weren’t charged for the extra day we needed the truck and carrier (a small miracle, but also, I think, because I called ahead to let them know what was going on).

I can also say Budget’s customer service and all personal I talked to were extremely helpful, attentive and polite.  Although I prefer to take care of things online, I needed to call customer service in order to book our car carrier.  The car we were towing (’69 VW Squareback) wasn’t in the database online, but one quick call straightened it all out and I was even able to secure the original price I was quoted online.


Motel 6 accepts “well behaved” pets, no questions asked, no deposit and no additional fees on top of the room rate.

Our cat, Draven, loves to travel.  He did great in the car, loved exploring the hotel rooms, was fascinated with the drive-thru’s and was more affectionate toward us than ever before (normally, he’s more of a hands off kind of cat).  After we got to California and unloaded the truck, my husband was going to pick up something to eat, opened the car door and Draven jumped in.

And probably the best part of the trip…
I personally experienced a real-life version of the scene from Cars when Mack is drifting off to sleep and The Delinquent Road Hazards are being mischievous; me being Mack (minus the drifting off to sleep) and the shenanigans coming from a “gang” of old VW cars.  Honestly, it was quite entertaining.

the blur of seattle as we say good-bye

mt. shasta

I’ll be posting DIY’s, round-ups, recipes and updates on the shops as I can, along with the next two phases of our move as they happen.


What do you think?

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