DIY: Ribbon Photobooth Background

This past weekend Aubreella Boutique had a magical Celtic Fairy Ball which was a huge hit!  There was face painting, cupcakes, crafts, a hula-hooping fairy and the owner, Liz, asked me to set up a photobooth for the kids.  I wanted something fun and whimsical for the background and the first thing that came to mind was RIBBON!!  It was so simple and the cost wont make you cringe, especially since you can use it over and over.


– aprox. 22 spools of ribbon
– 4 spools of tool


1.  WIDTH:  Take one of the wider, more sturdy ribbons and use this as the cross ribbon that the rest of the ribbon will hang from.  Cut it to the width you desire; mine was about 4ft.  I was able to hang mine on my background poll in order to estimate a good width, but you can lay yours out on the floor or use thumbtacks (or preexisting nails) to hang it on the wall.  If you’re able to hang it, it’s much easier to add the rest of the ribbon.


2. LENGTH:  Tie a little knot around the cross ribbon, measure the length of the ribbon you want and and cut.  Repeat this until you get the width of the background that you’d like.  I started with the tool and spaced it out to give me a good fill so I didn’t have to use as much ribbon.  Instead of starting from one end and stringing until I reached the end of the other side, I randomly strung the ribbon to give me a staggered and mismatched pattern.


COST:  Jo Ann’s has spools of thin ribbon for 50 cents each!  The majority of the ribbon I used was the 50 cent spools which really kept the cost down.  I added in 5 spools of thicker ribbon, some of which I already had but the others I used 40% off coupons on.  You might be thinking, but you can only use one coupon per purchase….well, not if you have the FREE Jo Ann app!  You can use paper coupons and multiple coupons from the app all in one purchase!  It’s genius and makes me so happy!  Finally, I used the spools of tool as a filler so I didn’t have to use as much ribbon and it added such a full and whimsical feel.




Aubreella Boutique parties are going to be a regular thing, in fact there is an Easter themed one later this month, so if you have little ones you should follow Liz on Facebook to get all the updates.


5 thoughts on “DIY: Ribbon Photobooth Background

    • I was able to buy the the rule in strips at my local craft store. It comes pre cut on a spool and you can usually find it in the ribbon section or in the holiday section if you are looking for holiday related colors. Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

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  2. Brandy, what a beautiful and creative idea!! Awesome background!!! Those pictures are so beautiful.
    Will you do something similar for the Easter one? Using easter colors??? LOVE IT!

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