DIY: With Love, Felt Envelope

Handmade come from the heart.  This Valentine’s Day make your loved ones a card with your own two hands.  It will be heartfelt, personal and FUN!

Now you’ll need an envelope for that beautiful card and I’ve got just the thing!

Also for purchase in my shop here for $8.


– Red felt ( or pink or white)
– Needle + String (I used pink)
– Craft glue
– Large button

1.  PRINT:  Download and print the templet I’ve made.  Cut out, line up and tape together the pieces as shown below.

Download Valentine’s Day Envelope Templet

1. Click on “Download Valentine’s Day Envelope Templet”
2. Print 8.5×11
3. Continue to step 2

2.  CUT: Pin the template to your piece of felt and cut out.


3.  STITCH:  With your needle and string, stitch around the edge of the entire cut out piece of felt.


4.  GLUE:  Fold in the two side triangular pieces, then fold up the bottom part of the envelope.  Make sure everything lines up ok and crease the folds.  I pinned mine in place so theey would stay exactly where I wanted them to while I applied the glue.  Glue along the inside edge of the bottom piece to the envelope.  You want to secure this part to the inside triangular pieces, but don’t glue too much or else it will stick to the front piece of the envelope and you wont be able to open it up to put the card in.


5.  BUTTON UP:  Line up your button in the center of where the two sides and the bottom piece meet.  Place it as close to the edge as possible.  Stitch the button in place, being careful not to stitch through both layers of the envelope, just the back pieces.  Cut a slit in the fold down, top part of the envelop for the button to pass through in order to close the envelope.





OR MAYBE THIS.:  Cut out some extra hearts from your felt scraps and decorate the front of the envelope!

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