Free 2013 Chevron Calendar


2013 is here and, if you’re like me, one of your goals is to be more organized.  I will be getting that ball rolling by dedicating this month to organization:  DIY’s, printables, tips & tricks.

To start things off I’ve made up this desk calendar to help keep track of what day it is….which I think is an important key to organization and it generally helps in everyday life as well!

3 colors to choose from:

Download TEAL Chevron Calendar PrintableChevronCalendar

Download RED Chevron Calendar Printable

Download YELLOW Chevron Calendar Printable

1. Click on “Download Chevron Calendar Printable”.
2. Print 8×10
3. Be creative.

OR MAYBE THIS: Hand it on the fridge, pin it to a quark board, or put it in a frame and set it on your desk (if you leave the glass off of the frame you can cross the days off as you go, or circle the important days that need remembering).

Let me know where you’re going to put your free chevron calendar printable in a comment below or leave me a picture on FB!!


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