Twine Christmas Trees

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been into twine lately. It’s got that rustic feel but in the right setting it can be very modern.

I know there’s a plethora of these cone tree tutorials, but most seem to incorporate glitter in some form and if you remember from my previous posts, I’m not that big on glitter. Anyhow, I hope this will provide a fresh perspective.



– 3 styrofoam cones (varying in size)
*UPDATE:  paper mache cones will also work great*
– Twine
– Tacky glue


1. GLUE: Starting at the base, squeeze on some glue all the way around. I did about 2-3 inches at a time.


2. WRAP: Start from the base and wrap the twine around the cone. Wrap and wrap and wrap. When you reach the top, coil the twine from the outside inward.


3. CUT: Trace the base of the cone on a piece of felt, cut it out and glue to the base of the cone. This will give a more finished look and help prevent sliding and scratching the surfaces you put your trees on.


OR MAYBE THIS: If you feel like you need a bit of color take some colored string (perhaps green or red) and wrap a bit around as if it were the garland on the tree. If you like the monotone color palette, add a gold star to the top for a real Christmas tree feel.

SIDE NOTE: For years I’ve been looking for a Christmas tablecloth that fits my personality and style. This weekend I took a visit to Target and what was waiting for me…..the perfect tablecloth! It’s adorable, I just love it! After all these years…I was so excited, I had to share my find.



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The 36th Avenue – 25 Handmade Christmas Decorations


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