Recipe: Cream Cheese Cookies

These remind me more of a Christmas treat, but if I recall correctly there is usually company gathered around that holiday as well…

The web lead me to this cookie recipe a few days back and I thought to myself, “Cream cheese cookies?  How have you eluded me for so long?”

Four thumbs up!  Two from me and two from my husband, whom ate one while I asked what he thought, jokingly threatened to take the whole rack of them and then proceeded to eat three more as soon as I turned my back.

Cream Cheese Cookie Recipe

Don’t forget to grab one of your FALL RECIPE CARDS that you printed out last week to write this recipe on…or maybe you’d like to wait for the WINTER version (hint, hint).

I describe these sweet little things as cheesecake in a cookie!  What do you think?

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One thought on “Recipe: Cream Cheese Cookies

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