DIY: A leafy skirt for you candle tumbler

Yay!  It’s the start of Thanksgiving decor!


 – Free leaf patterns (download bellow)
– Autumn colored felt
– Scissors
– Needle and string
– Hot glue gun and glue sticks


1.  PRINT + CUT:   out the free downloadable leaf patterns.

Leaf Pattern Printable

2.  LEAF PREP:  Pin leaf patterns onto felt and cut out.

3.  SEW:  Use your needle and strong (thread/yarn) to sew veins into the leaves.

4.  PLACEMENT:  Set the leaves out and decide how you want to place the leaves around the candle tumbler.

5.  SECURE:  Once you have the leaves set out and are happy with the way they are arranged, use little dabs of hot glue to connect them to each other and secure them in place.  If you want your tumbler to go back to normal, don’t glue the leaves to the tumbler.  I used my tumbler and placed one leaf at a time to get a better idea of how they would lay and glued as I went.  It was a bit more difficult to keep things in order, but it enabled me to make changes and rearrange as I went.

OR MAYBE THIS.:  If you desire a bigger statement piece, add the leaves to a foam wreath and hang on a wall in your dinning room (or on the front door).

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