The In-Between-Holiday’s Holiday

I hope everyone had a creative and spooky Halloween!  My husband and I celebrated a couple of weeks earlier by going to Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland:  collecting gobs of candy, visiting villains and riding rides with  lines of less than 10 minutes.  On the 31st, we stayed home to hand out candy (to the 7 kids that came to our door) and watched Halloween movies.

Halloween was fun, but, alas, while the children (husband in my case) run circles around the house, trying to release the last of the sugar high, we (the adults) get to plan for the next, fast approaching holiday.

So.  Thanksgiving…

For the holiday season, it’s really the lesser of the three, at least on my Holiday Excite-O-Meter.  However, one of my favorite things is leftover turkey and cranberry sandwiches…mmmm….mouth waveringly delicious!  I’d really rather stuff my face than decorate for stuffing my face…priorities!

BUT….I have some upcoming subtle Thanksgiving/Fall inspired decor DIY’s to help get you in the mood to cram your belly until you have to roll away from the table…and then take a nap.

AND…. recipes!  Of course recipes!  Where would we be this month without sweet and savory recipes!

candles + autumn leaves
autumn treats + drinks

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