DIY: Mini Top Hat

Need a quick Halloween accessory to TOP off that halloween costume?  Well, grab some fabric and feathers.

– Card stock
– Old card box
– Exacto knife
– Scissors
– Low temp glue gun
– Thin and a little thicker gauged wire
– Scrap fabric
– Tacky glue
– Masking tape
– Bias tape
– Feathers
– Lace

Corinne Leigh from Threadbanger, Craftovision and now Re:  Create on, has a fantastic tutorial which I followed to make my mini top hat.  Follow her instructions and you can’t go wrong!


I kept with black and white fabric because it complimented my costume best and it’s neutral enough for me to use it with future costumes, but I chose red feathers and colored wire to add an attention grabbing element.

Let me know how yours turned out and what kind of costume you used it for in a comment below!  Also, don’t forget to check out Corinne and all her awesomeness!

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