DIY: Halloween Owls on a Stick

As promised, a quick and simple Halloween decoration you can pull off last minute!

– Felt:  9×12 sheet
Purple (or other color of your choice)
– Vase filler (glittery foam balls)
– Wire Stems (I painted mine black)
– Eyes
– Scissors
– Glue


1.  CUT:  Trim your felt into strips, short ways, so they measure 1/2in x 9in.  Cut out shapes for the whites around the eyes, wings, tiny beaks, and head.

2.  ROLL:  Place a black strip on top of a purple strip and start rolling (the black should be on the inside if you want it to look like the ones here).  When you reach the end, you will have some excess black, which I just cut off and used to make some of my wings.  Glue down the ends so your roll will stay in place.

3.  FACE IT:  Glue together the head piece, whites for the eyes and whatever you have chosen to use for the blacks of the eyes (I used small brads that I cut the backs off of, but you can use goggly eyes or black gems).  Once assembled  glue the head at the top of the roll, add the beak where you’d like and the wings to the side.

4.  STICK IT:  Use a large needle or other sharp object to make a hole in the botom of the roll, put a dab of glue on the tip of the wire and insert it into the hole you made with the needle.  While that dries, you can thread the glittery foam balls from the other end of the wire and push them up the wire into place.

Place them anywhere to add a little Halloween spirit.  I put mine in a vase with black roses and spiderwebs to give a POP of color!

OR MAYBE THIS:  Increase the size for extra impact.

Share your thoughts with me in a comment bellow, I love to hear from you!

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