DIY: Halloween Glass Terrarium

My favorite time of year, HALLOWEEN, is upon us!

I’m an old school, traditionalist when it comes to Halloween and todays decorations are too glittery for my taste.  It’s to the point where I must take Halloween decor into my own hands.

– Wood Base
– Glass Vase
– Small Decor Pieces
– Paint:  black
– Paint Brush
– Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
– Trimmings:  lace, ribbon, moss

Head to your local craft store and you can pick up all these items on the cheap!  Each item is a couple dollars at most….but you know you already have most of this stuff anyways.


1.  PREP:  Paint the wood base and any unfinished decor pieces.  I felt that the coffin needed a little something extra so I painted a skeleton hand for some added “eek!” effect!

2.  FOUNDATION:  Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the top of the wood base and adhere enough moss to cover the area.





3.  FLOOR PLAN:  Fuss with the decor pieces you want in the terrarium until you have an arraignment you like, then use the hot glue to secure them into place.  Once I got my pieces glued down, I added more moss to soround the figures and cover any hot glue that might be showing and to fill in any space that was lacking.


4.  CONNECT:  Wash and dry the glass vase (don’t forget to scrub off the price sticker that’s on the bottom).  Flip the vase upside-down and carefully place it over the figurines and onto the base.  Once you have it lined up with the base and everything is nestled inside just how you like it, run a generous amount of hot glue around the vase where it meets the wood base.


5.  TRIM THE TREE…ERRR…VASE:  I continued with my moss theme, but you can use ribbon, lace, black beads…  Glue as you go while you add your trimming where the glass vase and the wood base meet; this will cover up the the hot glue that is there from securing the vase in place.


OR MAYBE THIS:  Paint a candle stick holder black to match and glue it to the bottom center of the base to give it some hight.  Make several with taller or shorter candle sick holders for a tiered effect.

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