My Flowers Don’t Smell Like Roses

I mentioned previously the fabric flowers I made for my wedding, my real, kick in the pants, introduction to DIY.  It was fun, exciting, inspiring, challenging, overwhelming, and brought me to tears more than once.

When I first has the thought of a fabric flower bouquet I thought I’d find someone who’s seasoned in the art of flower making.  After some searching I found the perfect bouquet, but when I sent an email to the creator she politely declined and informed me that she wasn’t taking any more orders due to maternity leave.  At first I was upset; it was the second time I’d had my heart set on a floral solution that wasn’t going to work out.  I finally got over the wedding flower blues, picked myself up, and thought, maybe I can do it!  I scoured the internet for fabric flower tutorials.  Days went into this process, but I finally found three different types of flower tutorials that I liked, sketched out my plans, and committed by taking a trip to the fabric store.

Naturally, I poorly planned and estimated the amount of time it would take me to complete one bridal bouquet, a toss bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquets, the grooms boutonniere and 3 groomsmen boutonnieres.  I was working up to the last minute; literally, the day of the wedding I was adding the finishing touches, but  after months and weeks worths of hours, I had beautiful, vintage inspired, unique floral pieces for my wedding.

My Wedding Flowers:



I received so many compliments the day of our wedding and encouraging words during the weeks and months that followed,  that I now offer my creative talent to others so they may have a unique (less expensive) alternative to traditional floral decor for their wedding (or home).

I know this adventure will keep me on my creative toes.  Oh the possibilities!

Recent order:  Beach Themed



If you are interested in an order or would like to see more images please visit my Etsy store.


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