Creative Organization: Fabric

Over the years I have accumulated more and more objects that are used in my creative workings.  As much as I don’t mind a little clutter, lately it has become too much.  Plus, with everything being randomly placed, I can never find anything that I look for and then that just makes me mad.

TIME TO CLEAN UP MY ACT!  Lucky for me, I love to organize.  Cleaning, not so much, but organizing…OH YEAH!

Today, I tackled the fabric.

Materials Needed:
– Plastic Tubs
– Creative Tags
– Bakers Twine
– Pen/Marker
– Tape

I found some great plastic tubs at Target with a teal zig-zag pattern on them that added a cute and fun bit of flare.  Dimensions are  wide, long, deep, which is perfect, because I want them to still be portable so that it won’t be a pain to constantly pull them up and down from my closet shelf when I need them.  I’m kind of obsessed with them, they are the perfect size for storing crafting and artistic supplies, and most importantly they are teal.   I’ve been using them to organize everything lately.

Now, since I have so many of these teal, zig-zag patterned tubs, I need a way to tell them apart and differentiate the contents of each tub.  Creative Tags!

Simply use a pen or marker to label each tag.  Choose a way to separate your fabrics.  You can sort by:  color, material (cotton, felt, ect.), type of craft (pillows, quilts, ect).  Whatever works for you!  For me, I used a tub for felt, fabric (scraps), photo b/g (different colored fabrics I use as backgrounds for product shoots), and yarn.


After labeling each tag I needed to attach them to the tubs.  I chose to tie teal bakers twine through the hole of the tag, then simply loop the twine over the inside edge of the tub and secure it with a small piece of tape, but there’s several options:  glue, tape over the entire tag, or pick up some laminated sleeves to adhere to the front of the tub to enable an easy switch with different tag.

Now that your tubs are labeled, fill them with their proper contents and stack them on a shelf out of the way and awaiting your next project!


Don’t limit yourself to just fabric organization, the possibilities are endless, so leave me a comment telling me what you used your tagged tubs for!

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