Recipe: Oh Fudge!

My FIRST request comes from Allie asking for a good recipe and tutorial for FUDGE.

Over the years my fudge making skills, well, they’re still lacking…

Good fudge is tricky business, so I finally sat down to do my research, like I’ve been meaning to do for years.

Now that I’m all knowledgeable about fudge making, I’ve chosen two different sets of ingredients to test out and in the end I’ll let you know which one I think is better.


Recipe #1

A-Little-Less-Guilt Christmas Bark

I know everyone worries about putting on those extra holiday pounds…it’s at least lingering in the back of your mind.  Well, I hope this combination of goodness helps ease that worry.  Dried cherries…good for you!  Pistacios…good for you!  Dark chocolate…um, yes…good for you!  Dark … Continue reading

Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar | Garnet Hill Knock-Off

I did it!!  I finished my recreation of Garnet Hill’s Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar!  I absolutely LOVE IT, but I recommend giving yourself a few afternoons to finish it. TOTALLY WORTH ALL THE HARD WORK! This is the original from Garnet Hill for $78. With a … Continue reading